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My name is David Bercovici, everybody calls me Berco. I am a marketing engineer, specializing in marketing communications (MarCom). My range of MarCom design skills equips me to create specialised content and strategies that suits your marketing needs.

Logo Design UX/UI Design Photography Product Photography Ads for Web Packaging & Branding Illustrations

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My academic training in photography has sharpened my critical eye for developing strategies to produce client-centered commercial photography, which I perform by utilizing HQ photo-manipulation to accomplish target-oriented results.

I am a tech-enthusiast, constantly learning new artistic techniques and refining my craft. My love of languages (Spanish - mother tongue, English, French and Hebrew) inspire my creativity and passion for artistic expression. Also, my former life as a semi-professional basketball player has taught me the value of teamwork, competition and pursuing goal-oriented results.


Logo Design

UI Design


Ads for web

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