Dog Heartbeat Reader

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design

Client: Diego Meneses
Sector: Mobile Apps Market
Project: The client first need was develop a mobile prototype for an application that make a heartbeat reading of Dogs using the mobile device. We take this basic need and push it forward and incrementing the scope of the project, offering to the client an integral solution for this App.

User Interface: The will develop the idea, deep description, establish goals, constrains, audience, platform and usability of the App.
User Experience: With the UI base we will describe functions of the App, define an initial target group, design the App’s interaction, and describing the App’s function step by step.


In several meetings with the client, we write down a lot of information that help our team have the elements to start the project. We start with the general description of the App. Later on, as a result of defining functions that the App will do, the initial target group, and the goals of the App, we propose a Map Content for the App, with this information the first deliverable for our client was the User interaction flowchart.


Sitemap & Wireframes


UI elements

All the elements in the App has to convey into a single context. We drew the basic elements, icons, and palette of colors.

dogreader-Map-content dogreader-Map-content


Finally we have a prototype of the App that the client can interact and review each of the steps. We encourage the client to be part of our process until the end. Also you can interact with the prototype in this link